Monday, 7 November 2011

Mod Minimalist + Aidiladha.

my outfit : Denim jacket from Padini / unbranded white shirt / Vintage skirt from Shopflashback / Snake ring from Pekan Frinjan.

Salam Aidiladha everyone! First of all i would like to share the most awesome experience during Raya Haji. Well, it just happened this morning where my family, cousins and i went to Masjid which is located near by granny's house. We were so excited because we're about to watch a cow being slaughter! The last time i watched it when i was 9 years old. Can't remember anything about it =.=' At first I was nervous plus scared with the blood coming from the cow's throat. Quite disgusting actually. After that they seperate the skin from the body, cut the stomach and took every body parts which can be eaten so that it can be given to other villagers. They called it ' melapah daging '. Let me tell you something, the inner side of the cow wasn't that gross. I thought it would be blood everywhere, but it was clean! I can see the ribs, intestine, blood vessels and even poops.Hee. That afternoon, my mum and aunties cooked a very special Sup Tulang and the whole family enjoyed the marvellous soup. It was delicious! And for me, there's nothing better than spending a quality time with families.

I'm sorry for the excessiveness of some of my random outfit shots =P I know you might get sick by looking at it but please don't.Hee. Recently, I noticed i'm more interested to minimal style. White shirt, denim jacket, sweater, coloured pants, pumps and so on. To make it short, basic wear. I did some research in, most of the girls wear basic clothes and style it with statement shoes or accessories and bamm! They look effortlessly chic! Besides, basic wear can be recycled, I mean you can wear it like a gazillion times yet no one ever notice you wear the same clothes. But of course, please do a mix and match. Can't wait to try it ;D

my outfit : Bird printed sweater from Mng / Mustard pants from The Merci Store / My sister's black sling bag from Mng.

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