Tuesday, 23 October 2012

31 months.

I still remember the moment i saw you for the first time and it was love at a first sight. I know it's too good to be true, but yeah it is true! I still remember what i said to myself at that time, 'I want to know this guy, i want to marry this guy'. It's weird right? I barely know him and never seen him before. And i actually made the first move (Perigi cari timba hehe). I asked one of my friend for his phone number and started to text him. He texted me back and  2 months later we're officially a couple! Surprisingly this relationship stands still until right now, 2 years and 7 months ;') We decided to take our relationship to the next level. We've been planning this since January and soon InsyaAllah we're going to be soulmate. *Yay! 

If someone would ask me, who i want to be with, I will simply say, someone who will never leave me no matter how hard is to be with me..And that person i you. 

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Eid 2012!

Hey everyone ! It's been a while since my last post. I'm off-blogging for a few months, you know..been busy,   don't have interesting story to share plus my laziness had reached the highest scale of my..lazy scale. Yup I do have my own lazy scale. Yeah whatever who cares..so i just finished my short semester a week before Raya and it's a huge relieved because the final wasn't so tough. I mean i did quiet well i guess, i don't know just wait for the result. Hope i'll pass ;)  And insya-Allah on September i'm going to continue my second semester.
As you guys know, we're still in Raya mood right! How's your Raya going on? Got many duit raya? Struggling with those extra pounds you gain? HAHA My raya went well so far. As usual visiting relatives, beraya with the girls and yesterday my mum did a mini open house for friends, neighbours and close families. The menu was awesome! She made Soto with her special soup which was delicious to the MAX and spaghetti ;p Okay it's picture time. Enjoy!

And sometimes i just love the image of old buildings.

And What I Wear For Raya. For this year, i wore lots of my last year's baju kurung and did some mix and match to get a fresh new look. I just save my brand new baju raya for special ocassion ;D

And...Raya with my girls & MJE, hugs! 

It's raining photos! HAHA Okay final words..Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir & Batin for my wrong doings, any bad words i used and if i hurt your feeling i'm truly sorry. Happy Raya, xoxo!

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Chain prints.

Hello & Salam Ramadhan ;) Alhamdulillah we're already half way through Ramadhan and only two weeks left for Hari Raya. Isn't this exciting? Oh yeah, I want to share with you guys about my new obsession. I obsess with chain prints! I don't know why i'm in love with the prints but everytime i wear a chain prints top, it gives me the luxury look and I'm looking forward to buy more top and scarf with chain prints on it. 

This top i'm wearing cost only RM45 which i found at PKNS Shah Alam. It's vintage. Cheap but it still gives you the luxury look ;) Here are some pictures of my fav outfit from local store which should be splurge!

Clara Palazzo from Old Blossom Box.

Retro print top from Anaabu.

Satin scarf from Nurul Wonder Wardrobe (first picture on the left).

Saturday, 9 June 2012

They're back!

Oh my god! Can you believe it? Yeah it's true! They're coming back to Malaysia. Maroon 5 is coming back to Malaysia! Gosh i'm so excited. I'm so in love with Payphone and now i can watch them singing the song live. It's like a dream came true ;p Faster grab the tickets guys before it sold out!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Last season entry.

Assalamualaikum and hello readers! It's been quite a while i left my blog. Can't remember when's the last time i updating something in here. R.I.P blog -.-' Well, my life have been hectic right now since i started my degree a month ago in UIA Gombak. I got majoring in engineering manufacturing and yeah the subject was tough. No more playing around or chilling during weekend if i want to score in those. Okay stop talking about the degree stuff. Let's talk about something else.
Last 3 weeks i guess, i went to Nurul Wonder Wardrobe boutique launching at section 16, Shah Alam with special performance by OAG. It was awesome! Especially when the launching turned to a gig HAHA The clothes are adorable and i adore the stripey dress and the skirts. I should clear my schedule and plan for a next visit.
Oh i almost forgot, today after i finished my programming paper, i went to Solaris Dutamas with MJE to have a peaceful and romantic lunch. Since tomorrow is going to be our 2nd anniversary and i can't go out to celebrate our anniversary due to excessive assignments and quizzes for next week so we decided to celebrate it early. It was good spending some quality time with him talking about our future, what's going to happen after this. Just talked. We should do it some times ;) Oh sorry i don't have any picture for this entry. Malas bawa camera besar gabak tu jalan-jalan. 
Till then guys, XO.

Monday, 6 February 2012


Terukir di Bintang -Yuna

my outfit : Leopard top from iamjetfuel shop / Unbranded nude skirt / heels from chic pop street market / Black sructured bag from Miss Selfridge.

Hello gorgeous readers ;) This holiday my family and I went to waterfall at Kalumpang, Hulu Selangor. My mum told me she wanted to go somewhere but didn't know the exact destination. HAHA. So we went to waterfall for sight-seeing. No mandi-mandi ;p. The place was crowded! You can't even find a site for picnic. Maybe because it was public holiday. Talk about the scenery. Hmm..Not so good. It would be my last choice for next holiday.HAHA. After that we went to Sg. Buloh private hospital to see my cousin's new baby girl, Mariam Hawa ;D She's so adorable! Fair skin and thick hair. So cute. And then we had our lunch and went home since my sister had a stomachache. We're afraid it is appendix because she had the pain from last friday. Poor her ;'( I hope it is not appendix. Till then have a great holiday guys! Tootles.