Sunday, 28 August 2011


For the first time i saw both of you outside the glass door,
I can't stop staring like my eyes are glued,
My heart was beating strong like i saw some random hot guy without his short on,
I'm attracted to you like a magnet,
I came near so that i can touch your fabric,'s good..very soft,
I know we were meant to be together,
Without any second thought i bought both of you,
The satisfaction of being the new owner cannot be described with words,
I hope we can get along till the end,
Oh dear bag and scarf,
I love you ;)

Saturday, 27 August 2011


This is what i did with my little brother when we have nothing to do. Decorating bread ;) You can use any bread. Wheatmeal, butterscotch or the original one. And we named it Mr.Bread. Tadaa! I think Mr.Bread is cute. Isn't he?

Friday, 26 August 2011

A great evening.


Today was awesome! I went to Empire Gallery to breakfast with my girlfriends and boyfriend. After a month i did not meet them, we finally decided to breakfast together. Besides, i promised them a ride in my new baby. Being with them was very enjoyable like i made friend with a clown.HAHA. No offense ;) I cannot stop laughing. Seriously. From one joke to another, they can even make one from a pie. It's like a joke cycle. Anyways, i would like to share lots and lots of photos which most of it was taken by my boyfriend.


At first we went straight away to Chili's hoping there will be more seat left for us. We waited for about 20 minutes in front of the restaurant. Sadly, the restaurant was full. Ok, important reminder for people out there. Always make a reservation first if you wish to break fasting at any restaurant! After that we headed to Madame Kwan's with crossing finger hoping for a seat. Hell yeah, lucky us the restaurant was not full. While waiting to be seated, we were camwhoring.haha.


Honestly, i have tonnes more to show you guys. But i'm afraid you guys might get sick looking at us =P Oh i almost forgot! We did some window shopping after dinner and i found this beautiful handbag at Tangs Studio and satin scarf at Contessa. It was love at a first sight. I really need to get those for myself. And yeah, some outfit shots. * Sue me for the seriousness.


my outfit : Denim shirt from Dorothy Perkins / Palazzo pants from Thepoplook / Pink envelope clutch and heels from chic pop street market 8.


Thursday, 25 August 2011

Confession of a lover.

*Secondhand Serenade-Awake

 I don't usually blog people. This is my second time which my second post of how i felt about some people. This guy which i met for the last 17  months was one of the best thing that happened in my life. I didn't say it was some kind of miracle but i'm glad it was him i met not like bunch of guys who treat woman like a doll. He's different. Mentally different. He don't think like what most other guys would think. He worships woman but not in a wrong way. He look up woman like they are the most precious thing. I know it sounds corny or lame. But it's true. Definitely true. I didn't say he's the only guy like that, but so far he's the only guy i met who has different perspective about woman.

Things are getting much rougher these past few weeks. I don't know why. I know fighting is a normal thing in a relationship. It happens all the time. Jealousy, misunderstanding, 'u don't understand me', 'i don't like u acting this way'. Normal stuff for couple i guess. But at some time, you will get into this phase where fighting happen almost everyday. Even simple thing can be a big reason to fight. You feel angry, feel like you want to cry, and you try to find someone to blame. It sucks. Wish you can turn back time. 

Ok, back to the story line. I just want to say that i should appreciate you more. Understand you. Lessen my ego. Hear you more. Don't be 'macam-macam' like 9 years old little kiddo. Stop being moody all the time. Throwing all my unsatisfied and my anger on you. I should make you feel happy and happy being with me. Not adding your burden. I'm sorry honey ;'( Iloveyousomuch. Big apology for the bad things i've been doing all this while. I promise i'll change my bad attitude. And of course i need your help. Iloveyousomuch. I better be a good girlfriend ;)

Sunday, 21 August 2011

A splash of Neon.

I think by now i most likely attracted to neon colour ;) I went to Chic pop street market for the 3rd time yesterday and it was a quick shopping trip. I'm looking for a new shoes at first but i end up buying a shoes and a clutch! Ok, the clutch was not in the shopping list =.=' ( Kill me now! ) Instead of buying safe colour for both items, i chose bright pink clutch and deep blue heels. Can't wait to wear them for the upcoming Raya!

Meet my new love <3

Friday, 19 August 2011

Skeleton in a closet.

A secret should be a secret. It can never be told to anyone. Not to your closest friend or your family members. Everyone has a skeleton in their closet. So do i. I was wondering, is it proper to tell others about your friend's dirty little secret? Either its about a cracking family or your friend who did some improper 'business'. When a person told you about something that is not good to be heard or easy says tell you about their dirty secret, that mean he or she trusts you. And your job is not to tell your other friends about it. Honestly, i'm not comfortable with a person who likes to 'share' everything she or he knew about others. It's like selling someone's dignity. I didn't say  i don't like being with that kind of person because i don't know her or his real intention when telling people others secret. Maybe its for a good cause, you know, like for self-awareness? But still it's not a good thing to do. You're embarrassing people. Well it's not like you don't have a choice anyway! Just mind your own business ;)

Friday, 12 August 2011

Hai everyone;) This time i would like to share my new mv obsession. Usually, i don't really like to watch korean movies or songs, but after my friend Fatin, who is the-biggest-korean-songs-fan i've ever met had me to watch this video, i fall for it! I really love the song and the video. The girls are so damn gorgeous and the hippie lifestyle they used in this video gave me some inspiration about hippies style. Since i never wear something that look like hippies, i search some photos in for easy reference ;)

I also made a must have list in order to rock this look ;D

1. A headband.
2. Fringe boot. 3. Fringe shirt.
4. dye long maxi dress.
5. Denim shirt. 6. Gladiator sandal.
7. Scarf with tribal print.

Sunday, 7 August 2011



Kimono Cardigan.

Salam Ramadhan everyone! First of all i was so happy because i finally got my Kimono cardigan which i bought it online. As you can see, i really love the green bluish colour which reminds me of the 70's show ;) I tried to make the whole outfit looks simple by  matching it with black sequinned top and black harem pants. I also wore orange colour sling bag to add more colour so that the outfit won't look dull. Actually, i browse up some photos in to find inspiration for easy reference! 

my outfit : kimono cardigan from like igloo / sequinned top and orange sling bag from Dorothy Perkins / harem pants from Thepoplook /  Boots from Vincci / Red ring from Diva.

photos from

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The latest scoop.

I've been doing some online shopping recently as my shopping lust came out of nowhere and i noticed Kimono cardigan is on the trend list! Basically, the cardigan or jacket was inspired from the traditional Japanese outfit which is a kimono. Since there's been a lot of experimenting going on in the fashion community lately, the kimono is then being design followed the latest trend. Go with casual by matching the kimono cardi with white tee and denim pants. But if you love the earthy carefree look, choose the floral printed cardi and pair it with a comfy plain maxi dress. Go get one for yourself! Mine is on the waiting list;)



Salam Ramadhan Al-Mubarak ;)