Sunday, 1 May 2011

It's over!

Last Saturday was awesome! The Garage Sale was superb ;D As u girls know it happened at Tasik Titiwangsa. I have a lot to tell and tonnes of pictures to share.haha. Our journey started when my boyfriend took me at home  around 7.30 am and then we have to pick up my girlfriends Munirah and Liyana. Fyi, my little brother a.k.a 'budak gemuk' pun ikut sekali =.=' With my mum's 'map' which she drew the direction to Tasik Titiwangsa on A4 paper, we get to the place safely.haha. (Tak sesat ok!)

Moving on, photos below were taken at the garage sale.
So much fun + laugh, i feel blessed =')

This is how my little booth look like ;)

And of course i met lots of new friends! Most of them i know from FB.
This is Khalidah Majnin with her sister and cousin. They 're so sweet!

This is Lena, i love how she wears her turban!

Sweet sweet Lyna Aziz ;)

Mun, Liyana, Asna, Khalisa & me.

Pretty lady, Eyfa Azmi.

Meet The Spectacles Sisters- Alfah, Redsya & Leana Esa.

Nadia Basir & her friends.

Mun, Yana & me ! XOXO

Mr. Love! Thanks for being my Superman ;)

This boy lay his head at my shoulder after i showed his picture from my camera..AWW!

Isn't he cute ?

Final word, thanks again for everyone who coming and shop at my booth. I hope u girls satisfied! And i'm looking forward to do this again = )


  1. hello anis (:

    i saw ur pictures in many blogs already, ada satu blog ni mentions ur name so i google ur name haha freaky gila kan. i love ur style babe! pastu i suka gila cara u pakai selendang, stylish gila (:

  2. Hai Syafika! thank you for googling my name ;D
    you're so sweet.haha. And btw,i love The Merci Store tu yg i pergi booth diorang time I Love Bazaar.