Saturday, 17 March 2012

Last season entry.

Assalamualaikum and hello readers! It's been quite a while i left my blog. Can't remember when's the last time i updating something in here. R.I.P blog -.-' Well, my life have been hectic right now since i started my degree a month ago in UIA Gombak. I got majoring in engineering manufacturing and yeah the subject was tough. No more playing around or chilling during weekend if i want to score in those. Okay stop talking about the degree stuff. Let's talk about something else.
Last 3 weeks i guess, i went to Nurul Wonder Wardrobe boutique launching at section 16, Shah Alam with special performance by OAG. It was awesome! Especially when the launching turned to a gig HAHA The clothes are adorable and i adore the stripey dress and the skirts. I should clear my schedule and plan for a next visit.
Oh i almost forgot, today after i finished my programming paper, i went to Solaris Dutamas with MJE to have a peaceful and romantic lunch. Since tomorrow is going to be our 2nd anniversary and i can't go out to celebrate our anniversary due to excessive assignments and quizzes for next week so we decided to celebrate it early. It was good spending some quality time with him talking about our future, what's going to happen after this. Just talked. We should do it some times ;) Oh sorry i don't have any picture for this entry. Malas bawa camera besar gabak tu jalan-jalan. 
Till then guys, XO.

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