Sunday, 29 January 2012

Meet my new baby.

Taraa! Isn't she gorgeous? It's a gift from Inche Boyfie. He said he wanted to belanja me. Hoping that I will remember him whenever I use this bag. And he said "use this bag in Gombak". I said "why?".  He replied "because the bag will follow you wherever you go. So do I ;)". That was sweet honey ;') You always in my mind eventhough i don't use this bag. Till then guys. Tootles.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Reflection Fashion Show + Kimono Wrap

my outfit : Kimono cardi from Cotton On / Red clutch from LawaLawa / Others are repeated.

Hello people ;) How's your Sunday's going? Mine was awesome. I just get back from Reflection Fashion Show which was held at Solaris Dutamas. Lucky us the whole journey was smooth since we used the correct Highway instead of 'Whatever-Link Highway'. Well, I put a quite high expectation for the event because they bring us a good designers and boutiques from Malaysia and Indonesia like Jezmine Zaidan, Ami Schaheera from Schanaz, Pastelina and Ammara Hijab. I thought the place is big, cozy and have large spaces for booths. Unfortunately it is the opposite. Small spaces and hot. *I really don't know what's wrong with the air-conditioner =.=' I sweat like hell. But it was fun because I have my friends and I also met lots of gorgeous fashionistas! Eventhough I didn't get a chance to watch the fashion show since the ticket is sold out, but it was great to be in such a cool place. 

See! I told you they are gorgeous. It was my first time met Nurulcakapcakap outside the Black Box and I asked her to take photo together and then she said "Yess, sure. In here?" and I said "Yeah why not". She was so sweet in person. And Adriani looked Ah-mazing with her 4 months pregnancy. Hot mama no 2 after Sazzy Falak ;P Till then. Have a nice day guys!

Ps-I got a very cool badge written 'Reflection Fashionistas' ;p

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Denim over Denim.

my outfit : Denim shirt from Dorothy Perkins / unbranded white inner top / skinny jeans from Topman / Boots from The Curve / Pink envelope clutch from Chic Pop Street Market 6.

Friday, 6 January 2012

January State of Union.

Hello dear readers! Happy January ;) It's the first month of 2012 and I am soo excited to go through this month because there will be lots of cool stuffs and events happening.


1. Reflection Fashion Show 2012.
2. Agape shoes *purchase purchase.
3. New cellphone from mummy end of this month ;)
4. No longer a foundation student since i'm going to continue my degree at UIA Gombak!

I'm officially happy and ready for January! 
Till then guys. Tootles.

Sunday, 1 January 2012


Last night I watched Victoria Secret Fashion Show at Star World and I was so amazed and stunned with the Angels! Only one word can describe them. PERFECTO! Their long legs, flat tummy, shiny hair, perfect pouty lips and a very very beautiful face is killin' me. At one of the show they used a song which remind me of Jenny from Gossip Girl. And I was like "Ohmygod! It's Jenny's song!". So I youtube the song and post it in this entry hoping that you guys will love it. Seriously it's a good song. Enjoy ;)