Saturday, 30 July 2011


The return of bazaar at Stellar! Thanks to Syafika, who had kindly invited me on Facebook to join this event ;) The bazaar was held at Stellar's studio on sat, the 30th. My girlfriends and i were there a bit late as the studio was quite empty. The best part is, we bumped into Noryn Aziz! We were on the same lift yaww! haha. She was on her way to Stellar too. At the studio, there were Ami Schaheera and her hubby, Th5ft, Mas angeline, Bono and also The scarflets. Here are some photos that i took:

The people:

Noryn Aziz ;)
No doubt! She is funny;D
Lyna Kamal a.k.a Yuna ;)
With Ami Schaheera.
Meet the beautiful scarflets! Except me..durr=.='

The owner of Anaabu.
mun & yana.
Funny moment:

ok,paling hodoh.haha.

I had a great time at Stellar! The people were so friendly and i had my first cakeroon;) It is a cake which looks like macaroon. The creamy texture of the melted chocolate is delicious and the cake is so tempting because it is moist and comes in many colours. You have to try one! Alright, i better stop my writing here. Goodnight everyone! Sleep well;) Zzzz..

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