Sunday, 29 May 2011


I love posting about food in my blog ;)

Sharing a good place to eat is not wrong right? Well, to all cupcakes lovers out there you have to try ++WONDERMILK cupcakes! I first discovered it through someone's blog and i truly deeply fell in love with the shop decoration. The variety of cupcakes and the shop is simply stunning. I started to google the location and on that weekend i stop by at the shop just to have a few cupcakes ;D Here are some photos that i took.

The outside:

The inside:


And of course me & the cupcakes! HAHA


My Chocolate Strawberry & Chocolate Cheese Surprise.


Ok, shut up..i know i sangat gelojoh! 

I didn't lie when i told you how great the shop is.haha. Just look at those pictures yaww! That's all for tonight, happy sleeping ;) Zzzzz....


Thursday, 26 May 2011

The Spectacle Me.

Gedikss time! HAHA. I always wanted to wear a spectacle because i think it will make my face look more mature and smart. Just look at the first photo, i look 10 years older! (macam makcik2 =.=')  I took my mum's glasses and strike some poses with my little brother's help, Amad as a  photographer ;D I think i want to buy a fake one for myself..should i?

Monday, 23 May 2011

Carrie Bradshaw ;)

The one and only Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and The City! Of course everyone knows her, she's the spotlight in that hit TV-Series. I don't know why i made an entry about her, but i really fell for her style after i watched Sex and The City 1 & 2 ;D The most fashion-forward of all the sex and the city girls, Carrie played by Sarah Jessica Parker. I'll show you girls a few photos of her wearing designers outfit. She definitely nailed every single of it!

See the flower on that dress in third & fourth picture? That's a statement!

Inspired enough? Just change a little bit of her style to make it proper and suitable for us who wears Hijab. You don't have to wear the same outfit, just mix and match your clothes to get a new look! It's simple ;)

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Part time job on weekend.

Today was tiring..huh.. =.=' I had to wake up early (6 o'clock yaww!) on Sunday because my friend and i were invited to join a health carnival at Petaling Jaya. The event started at 8 am but we get there a bit late.HAHA. As usual, we open our small cute little booth which sells preloved clothes & shawl ;) Let me share our fun and laughter through photos that i took.

The people:

The wardrobe:

After a few hours, I saw a motorcycle ice cream man and of course i bought a vanilla cone ice cream.HAHA. My favourite! With popsicle in my hand i started to camwhore ;p


And this is what i wore on my lazy day :

my outfit: plain green dress from flea what? bazaar / Padini denim jacket / Vincci wedges /  purple rose ring from Diva / Roxy black bag ( i didn't took a photo of it ;p)



Saturday, 21 May 2011

Vintage Affair (flower printed jacket+mustard pants)

This is my first fashion blog entry! I would like to share with you girls about what i wear when i'm going out. Actually, you can see this kind of entry in other blog where they took some photos of their outfit just to inspire other people. And this is exactly what i want to do..To become someone's inspiration.HAHA. I hope you girls like it ;)

My outfit : flower printed jacket from tee too Sunway Pyramid / Cotton on Black Top / The Merci Store mustard pants / Vincci snake skin wedges / Topshop bag / Forever 21 flower ring.

Friday, 20 May 2011

New Semester.

Pfft =.=' It's almost been 3 months i enjoy my semester holiday at home. It felt awesome because i can do whatever i want with whoever i wish. Unfortunately, it can only last for 3 months ( Durr..) Now i really want to turn back time, i need more holiday! Going back to campus means more books to read, more lecture to attend, and more extra classes on weekend! Where's my wishing star when i need it? HAHA. On 5th June i will start my new semester until end of October i guess. So,that's all for tonight..need some rest for tomorrow's big adventure ;D XOXO

Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Iloveyou more each day and it will never fade.
18.5.2011 <3

Muhammad haikal.

This is my little brother Muhammad Haikal a.k.a Amad. We used to call him 'mok' (gemok) or 'mel' (comel).
He talks a lot! Trust me you'll get tired when u start talking to him ;D And of course a few photos of him.

Those photos are taken when we were on holiday at Sarawak. He can do lots of face expression when i take his picture, and it end up looking weird sometimes.hakhak. He said i'm the only sister that treat him the most when he get bored ( So true!) ;D That's why we're close i guess. I still remember i told him that i'm going back to UIA soon because holiday is over, and he cried! ;'( That's so sweet. He can be annoy, can be sweet and can be spoiled sometimes. But at the end of the day, he cheer my life ;) Love you lil bro.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Middle Eastern Cuisine.

Last Sunday i went to Empire for a late lunch. Fyi, i'm craving for arabic dishes! And the perfect place to satisfy my appetite is at Tarbush ;) The moment i set my foot there, i'm amazed with the decorations which make me feel like i'm in a middle east restaurant. And of course i took some photos to share with you guys ;D


Inside the restaurant:

This is what i order:


Tarbush Salad

Chicken Briyani

yogurt drink & ice lemon tea

yumm yumm!

What's wrong with my eyes? Gosh ( gyler pelik!) Whatever it is, Tarbush is surely highly recommended girls, it's worth it. The place is good for family dinner or having lunch with girlfriends. That's all for tonight..sweet dream. And keep following my blog ;D XOXO