Monday, 16 May 2011

Middle Eastern Cuisine.

Last Sunday i went to Empire for a late lunch. Fyi, i'm craving for arabic dishes! And the perfect place to satisfy my appetite is at Tarbush ;) The moment i set my foot there, i'm amazed with the decorations which make me feel like i'm in a middle east restaurant. And of course i took some photos to share with you guys ;D


Inside the restaurant:

This is what i order:


Tarbush Salad

Chicken Briyani

yogurt drink & ice lemon tea

yumm yumm!

What's wrong with my eyes? Gosh ( gyler pelik!) Whatever it is, Tarbush is surely highly recommended girls, it's worth it. The place is good for family dinner or having lunch with girlfriends. That's all for tonight..sweet dream. And keep following my blog ;D XOXO