Sunday, 30 October 2011

The Awesome Weekend!

my outfit : Tribal printed harem from Schanaz / yellow wedges from Charles & Keith / others are repeated.

Hey everyone! I just finished doing my part time job as a temporary bussiness woman. My friend Ell invited me to be a vendor at Pekan Frinjan and Kutu Market 6 which was held on last weekend. We shared money because they charge like RM100 per booth. Quite expensive huh? I don't think it's worth it because the space is small but lucky me, most of my clothes are sold! Alhamdulillah ;) At least the money i earned from the selling can cover the fee charge. More income for me.hehe. 

To be honest, having two events in a row was tiring! Seriously. Don't mention how my sole is killing me right now. Wearing 3 1/2 inches wedges for 11 hours can bring so much pain! I can't even walk properly. Now i agree, beauty is pain =.=' But I had the best weekend ever. Making joke and laughing with my girlfriends Yana and Mun who had a serious brain damage sometimes.HAHA. They are fun to be with. And to my Mr. Boyfie, thanks for helping me carrying those heavy bags, arranging all the clothes and and be supportive. I love you more. At the end of the day, I realized those experiences can't never ever be replaced. And i have to appreciate friendship and people around me more.

Ps - MJE bought me a snake shape ring! It's gorgeous! love it ;p

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