Thursday, 13 October 2011


What do you think about married at young age? I heard lots of stories about students get married before this. I wonder why they want to settled up so fast? Is it because of parents decision? Or maybe they got caught during comitting adultery? I never know since none of my friends are married. I never expect to be in such hard situation where i have to make a very tough decision which will affect my entire life if i make a wrong decision. Just so you know, I'm planning to get married. I know it's shocking but after thinking about it a few days..why not? Besides, we have known each other for 19 months. I don't want to embarrass my parents or being a black sheep in my family if i commit any wrong doings. That's what on my mind at first. But after having a serious discussion with my parents, I realized there are so many things to be considered. My dad told me, It's between lust or ' kata hati ' . He asked me to think deeply about it, the good and the bad, do solat Istikharah and ask for His guidance. My mum gave me a book titled Pemilik Cintaku by Fatimah Syarha Mohd Noordin. She said ' Read this book then you will understand what marriage is and what your responsibilities as a wife ' . Well, she's right. I need to learn more about marriage.

The good thing about marriage is it can avoid sins, slander and retain our family good reputation. The negative site when married at young age..ermm..let me think first. Financial problem, adding burden to our parents by depending on them for shelter. For me marriage equal to responsibility. Big responsibility. Our life change after married because now we have partner. Living in the same house, eating at the same table, sleeping on the same bed. This situation not only last for a few months but forever. Unless you are definitely ready then you can go for it.

Everyone wants to marry the one they love and so do i. But is love enough as a ' down payment ' for a happy marriage? Some people said they don't care if love doesn't exist in their marriage as long as they have money. And some people said they don't mind living in poor or moderate because of love. For me, both money and love are important. You need to have a stable financial to support your family and love to create a healthy environment in your marriage. At the end, I still need time to figure out what decision should I make =)


  1. i tak kisah kahwin awal atau tak. but if u jd kahwin, sila jemput i. kalau tak jemput i merajuk nnt :D

  2. Hakhak. i wajib jemput u! siap bagi VIP seat tau depan meja pengantin.haha.