Thursday, 25 August 2011

Confession of a lover.

*Secondhand Serenade-Awake

 I don't usually blog people. This is my second time which my second post of how i felt about some people. This guy which i met for the last 17  months was one of the best thing that happened in my life. I didn't say it was some kind of miracle but i'm glad it was him i met not like bunch of guys who treat woman like a doll. He's different. Mentally different. He don't think like what most other guys would think. He worships woman but not in a wrong way. He look up woman like they are the most precious thing. I know it sounds corny or lame. But it's true. Definitely true. I didn't say he's the only guy like that, but so far he's the only guy i met who has different perspective about woman.

Things are getting much rougher these past few weeks. I don't know why. I know fighting is a normal thing in a relationship. It happens all the time. Jealousy, misunderstanding, 'u don't understand me', 'i don't like u acting this way'. Normal stuff for couple i guess. But at some time, you will get into this phase where fighting happen almost everyday. Even simple thing can be a big reason to fight. You feel angry, feel like you want to cry, and you try to find someone to blame. It sucks. Wish you can turn back time. 

Ok, back to the story line. I just want to say that i should appreciate you more. Understand you. Lessen my ego. Hear you more. Don't be 'macam-macam' like 9 years old little kiddo. Stop being moody all the time. Throwing all my unsatisfied and my anger on you. I should make you feel happy and happy being with me. Not adding your burden. I'm sorry honey ;'( Iloveyousomuch. Big apology for the bad things i've been doing all this while. I promise i'll change my bad attitude. And of course i need your help. Iloveyousomuch. I better be a good girlfriend ;)

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