Friday, 12 August 2011

Hai everyone;) This time i would like to share my new mv obsession. Usually, i don't really like to watch korean movies or songs, but after my friend Fatin, who is the-biggest-korean-songs-fan i've ever met had me to watch this video, i fall for it! I really love the song and the video. The girls are so damn gorgeous and the hippie lifestyle they used in this video gave me some inspiration about hippies style. Since i never wear something that look like hippies, i search some photos in for easy reference ;)

I also made a must have list in order to rock this look ;D

1. A headband.
2. Fringe boot. 3. Fringe shirt.
4. dye long maxi dress.
5. Denim shirt. 6. Gladiator sandal.
7. Scarf with tribal print.

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