Friday, 26 August 2011

A great evening.


Today was awesome! I went to Empire Gallery to breakfast with my girlfriends and boyfriend. After a month i did not meet them, we finally decided to breakfast together. Besides, i promised them a ride in my new baby. Being with them was very enjoyable like i made friend with a clown.HAHA. No offense ;) I cannot stop laughing. Seriously. From one joke to another, they can even make one from a pie. It's like a joke cycle. Anyways, i would like to share lots and lots of photos which most of it was taken by my boyfriend.


At first we went straight away to Chili's hoping there will be more seat left for us. We waited for about 20 minutes in front of the restaurant. Sadly, the restaurant was full. Ok, important reminder for people out there. Always make a reservation first if you wish to break fasting at any restaurant! After that we headed to Madame Kwan's with crossing finger hoping for a seat. Hell yeah, lucky us the restaurant was not full. While waiting to be seated, we were camwhoring.haha.


Honestly, i have tonnes more to show you guys. But i'm afraid you guys might get sick looking at us =P Oh i almost forgot! We did some window shopping after dinner and i found this beautiful handbag at Tangs Studio and satin scarf at Contessa. It was love at a first sight. I really need to get those for myself. And yeah, some outfit shots. * Sue me for the seriousness.


my outfit : Denim shirt from Dorothy Perkins / Palazzo pants from Thepoplook / Pink envelope clutch and heels from chic pop street market 8.


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