Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Muhammad haikal.

This is my little brother Muhammad Haikal a.k.a Amad. We used to call him 'mok' (gemok) or 'mel' (comel).
He talks a lot! Trust me you'll get tired when u start talking to him ;D And of course a few photos of him.

Those photos are taken when we were on holiday at Sarawak. He can do lots of face expression when i take his picture, and it end up looking weird sometimes.hakhak. He said i'm the only sister that treat him the most when he get bored ( So true!) ;D That's why we're close i guess. I still remember i told him that i'm going back to UIA soon because holiday is over, and he cried! ;'( That's so sweet. He can be annoy, can be sweet and can be spoiled sometimes. But at the end of the day, he cheer my life ;) Love you lil bro.

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