Sunday, 29 May 2011


I love posting about food in my blog ;)

Sharing a good place to eat is not wrong right? Well, to all cupcakes lovers out there you have to try ++WONDERMILK cupcakes! I first discovered it through someone's blog and i truly deeply fell in love with the shop decoration. The variety of cupcakes and the shop is simply stunning. I started to google the location and on that weekend i stop by at the shop just to have a few cupcakes ;D Here are some photos that i took.

The outside:

The inside:


And of course me & the cupcakes! HAHA


My Chocolate Strawberry & Chocolate Cheese Surprise.


Ok, shut up..i know i sangat gelojoh! 

I didn't lie when i told you how great the shop is.haha. Just look at those pictures yaww! That's all for tonight, happy sleeping ;) Zzzzz....


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