Monday, 6 February 2012


Terukir di Bintang -Yuna

my outfit : Leopard top from iamjetfuel shop / Unbranded nude skirt / heels from chic pop street market / Black sructured bag from Miss Selfridge.

Hello gorgeous readers ;) This holiday my family and I went to waterfall at Kalumpang, Hulu Selangor. My mum told me she wanted to go somewhere but didn't know the exact destination. HAHA. So we went to waterfall for sight-seeing. No mandi-mandi ;p. The place was crowded! You can't even find a site for picnic. Maybe because it was public holiday. Talk about the scenery. Hmm..Not so good. It would be my last choice for next holiday.HAHA. After that we went to Sg. Buloh private hospital to see my cousin's new baby girl, Mariam Hawa ;D She's so adorable! Fair skin and thick hair. So cute. And then we had our lunch and went home since my sister had a stomachache. We're afraid it is appendix because she had the pain from last friday. Poor her ;'( I hope it is not appendix. Till then have a great holiday guys! Tootles.

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