Thursday, 28 April 2011

My Favourite Chick Lit Movies =)


i'm sure you have your favourite movies right? What i mean by ' favourite ' is you can watch it over and over again.haha. You never get bored with the story line and surprisingly you can even remember the dialogue!                 (terer2x) On this entry i want to share with you girls my all time favourite Chick Lit movies ;)

I guess most of you have watched this movie ;)  It's about Cady  Heron (Lindsay Lohan) became a hit in high school with The Plastics until she screwed up when she's been dating Regina George ex-boyfriend. Let me tell you something, 'Never Dating with your friend's Ex-Boyfriend!) It's WRONG! Everyone knows that ;p  This movie teach me about friendship value and how becoming popular can ruin your life.
Woah! I watched this movie 6 times! Really love it.  What i like about this movie is you can see a group of stylish 15 years old girls wearing designer clothes! I wish i could be one of them =.='  Massie Block is the Queen Bee of the Clique and she hates Claire because she had a crush on Massie's crush, Chris Abeley. It's the same with Mean Gilrls, full stop.
Who said a blondie can't go to a law school?   Elle Woods  is dumped by her boyfriend , she decides to follow him to a law school and get him back. And after a few classes, she learns that she has more legal savvy than she ever imagined. Err... a question, are Blondie and Bimbo the same? 

What i love about this movie is it's not like other typical Malay movies. I really  like the story line when they exposed a real life of a teenager named Putri ( Nur Fazura ). And just so you know i heart Nur Fazura! She's a very good actress ;D Plus i love her bedroom in that movie Pink + Green! ( wish to have that kinda bedroom someday ).

So, happy watching these movies girls!

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