Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Fun & Fair Garage Sale!

This Saturday i will run my first booth for the first time of my entire life ;D Wohoo! Super excited! I always wanted to do this since ages because i want to test my business skills.And thanks to Cik Alfah for giving me 1 booth eventhough it was a last minute entry. ( Gosh,i'm so lucky ;p )
     This is Cik Alfah, my life savour ( Isn't she gorgeous?)

I will sell a lots of stuff at my booth! just say it..clothes,shoes,bag,shawl semua ada. And the best part is i will charge as low as RM 5 ( for certain stufflh kan) HAHA. So girls, bring your friends,save your cash and don't be shy to visit my booth.
Here are the pictures of some stuff that i will sell at Garage Sale:

Don't forget to grab this!
These beautiful scarf is RM 5 only!
Those bag you can get as low as RM 10 !
These are for sell ;)

Save the date girls! Do come and join me with my friends this saturday ;D
ps-free cute candy will be provided.

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