Monday, 19 December 2011


Okay, I guess everyone already watched The 'I've been proposed & I'm engaged ' video. First sentence that came out from my mouth after I watched the video was ' Aww...How sweet ;') '. Second sentence was ' I'm so jelly with them ;( '. Her fiancee was very much creative. His idea of proposing through pictures taking by his friend i guess with the sweet proposal words written on a small whiteboard was classic! Guys, do you know how much girls love when you make an effort to pleased them? It shows that you are really serious and care about the relationship. A girl has already on a way steps to the eternal happiness and on a way of making her own fairy tale. I'm happy for her. I guess fairy tales do exist. I'm just waiting for mine too. I never expect a beautiful wedding dress made by worm silk like Giselle wore in Enchanted, and I never wish to have medias to feature my wedding day in a magazine like Carrie Bradshaw's in Sex and The City. All I want is to have a perfect simple beautiful moment when he kneeling in front of me with a ring and says ' Will you Anis, take me as your husband, stick with me through high and low, joy and pain, and be my soul mate forever ? ' Of course I'll say ' Yesss! '.HAHA. Okay stop dreaming Anis, you know how daydreaming can actually activate your acne process. Till then guys, Tootles ;)

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