Thursday, 29 December 2011

2012 Not So New Resolution.

One day left before 2011 ends. And then HELLO! 2012 ;D Speaking of a year 2011, there's nothing much happened throughout the year. I mean no emotional moments and no memorable stuffs should be remembered. Sounds boring huh? I know, I know..'Get a life Anis!' Anyways, instead of looking backwards, I should moving forwards and thinking of My-Not-So-New-2012-Resolution-Lists. But well, I think it's pretty much the same with others. So, here are mine!

    -It's a Fashion Do's number 1 fellas ;)

2) Eat healthily.
   -I'm having this problem, you know since I was 16. I love food but I hate to eat. I'm afraid to eat. I thought food was evil. So, to be honest I had an eating disorder. Damn it's sucks. *Serious tak tipuu. I'm on my way to recover from this 'illness'. And alhamdulillah it's getting better ;)

3) Catching up more with friends (That includes old friends, long-lost friends & besties ;)).
    -Big apology for anyone who has been hurt for what i've done. I mean, ignoring your phone calls, text messages, IM, wall posts or anyhting. I promise I will try to return all that next year ;)

It's not a long list but those resolutions are very very much important for me. I'm hoping and wishing this upcoming year will be much better, cooler, happier..what else..merrier.HAHA. Ok stop the crap, it's annoying. Till then, Au revoir 2011, Bienvenue 2012!
*I don't know it's a true french word for welcome.haha. If not, put the blame on Mr.Google translate.

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