Tuesday, 4 October 2011

After Final.

Hey..psstt..I have secret to tell. Do you wanna hear it? Because i'm sure it's going to shock you. Keep reading this. Now let me tell you my biggest secret ' Final exam is OVER! ' Repeat the word..'It's Over!' HAHA. Pheww..after a week struggling with books, Chemistry, Physics, Calculus, i can finally wrap those huge manuscripts and keep it in store. I'm not being mean but that's where you belong temporarily. Speaking of self- treat-after-exam, me and my roommates ordered the new 10 layers Pizza by Pizza Hut. I wonder why they called it 10 layers because i can see two or three layers only. Advertisement do lies =.=' But seriously the pizza was delicious! I ate two slices, a honey fried chicken, a bowl of mushroom soup which i shared with my friends who is recently had braces ( poor Miky ;( ) and a spoon of Carbonara. Yumm..Yumm!

I have 3 weeks to spend my holidays before my short semester start. And i have listed all the activities i want to do which some of it quite ridicilous =P It is quite a long lists you know. I hope i can finish those before holiday ends. Have a nice day everyone! Don't forget to live your life ;)

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