Saturday, 25 June 2011

It's chic pop yaww!

Finally the return of Chic Pop Street Market! For the 8th time they've been running this event and it became a hit ;D What i love about chic pop is you can get cool stuff for bargain price! 3 vintage dresses for rm 25? crazy huh? A very good place to splurge and spend your money (kaching kaching $$) haha. Here are some photos that i took :

I went there with my besties and we bump into my facebook friends! 

The sweet sweet syafika.

The lovely Anem Miasara ;)

Yana, Mun, Miky, me & Anem.

The coolest stellar owner, Bono.

After having some difficulties to choose what to wear for today, i decided to wear something edgy. And this is what i found in my closet ;D

My outfit : Laney chiffon blouse & black harem pants from The Pop Look / Bag from Sembonia /   Grey booties from Vincci / Blue turban from my friend's mum store / Necklace from Zikkos / grey shawl & butterfly ring from street market.

Ps- i bought booties wedges which was love at a first sight ;D Can't wait to wear it!


  1. pergi juga..nampak anis td tp cm sibuk jea bergmbar...segan nk kacau..hihi..

  2. Alorh;( kenapa tak tegur je? boleh kita snap2 sekali.haha.