Monday, 25 April 2011 first blog!

'Alhamdulillah..' i finally made my own blog! A dream come true! yay! Actually, i want to have a blog since..i can't remember when because it was a long time ago =.=' And it took me some time to decide 'should i create a  blog? Or shouldn't i?'  After 2 years if i'm not mistaken and after some of my friends persuade me to do a blog..on 26th April 2011,at 12 something am..i made a blog! ;D
Let me tell you why i don't blogging.hehe.

  1. I'm too lazy to create an account because i have to fill those know like 'name, e-mail address, interest, bla bla bla..' ps-i hate filling form (taktaulh macam mana nak beli kereta, beli rumah nanti.hee;p)  
  2. Secondly, i;m afraid i don't update my blog! (Yarabbi, pemalasnya saya..ish ish x.x)
  3. And then..err..i don't have the third reason actually.bhaha.
So,happy blogging Anis Asyiqin! Kumpul followers banyak2;D

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